The CRP/ wishes to support art research in the field of contemporary images, through a programme of residencies around the region, adapted to the invited artists and connected with its programme of exhibitions, and also by producing texts that shed light on artistic issues linked to the following research fields led by CRP/ director Muriel Enjalran, curator and art critic:

Thoughtful images: A reflection on the status of images produced in art and their relation and contribution to history.
Images in action, exploring new forms of artistic engagement in public spaces, and through these, art’s relation with politics as it redefines aesthetics.

The CRP/’s artistic aim is to show the richness and multifariousness of artists’ approaches to photography and contemporary images, in dialogue with other creative fields, other mediums and other cultural and social disciplines. Today photography is avoiding critical classification attempts in the field of art: as soon as it is thought to have been circumscribed, it is already elsewhere—prospective and mobile, staying as close as possible to the cultural and social changes taking place in society. In its apparent proximity to reality and its artistic distance, it is finding new ways of exploring art’s relationship with politics while redefining aesthetics.