(Inter)stice Projects | Creation and Mediation with Artists

Interstice: noun (low Latin interstitum, from interstare, to be in-between): a small empty space between the parts of a whole.

(Inter)stice Projects : projects that are constructed in time, and are presented in spaces left empty in our everyday life.

Every year, outside of its walls and in close collaboration with artists and various organizations, the CRP/ implements projects aimed at enabling everyone to develop a personal and collective form of expression, based on images and photographs.

The title “(Inter)stice” refers to the plasticity that enables interstices to develop even in constrained contexts. The specificity of these projects lies in their development modalities, specifically:

► an original and triangular structure, conceived with the artist and the partner, a structure that leaves room for the participants,
► a balance between cultural mediation, knowledge transmission, experimentation in the approach to creation, and artistic expression,
► a long-term development,
► attention focused on the process rather than the result, even if the outcome is still something symbolic that is expected and essential for the participants.

In essence, these projects are fluid and leave room for errors, unexpected changes or even propitious surprises inherent in the creative approach. This means their form and outcome can assume multiple and varied forms, and in principle they exclude no field: print exhibition, publication, installation…

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