Comme de l'eau de roche, Emmanuelle Blanc / OFF-SITE (Gruson, 59)

May 15 15 August 2022

Photographic installation in the Bois d’Infière (Lille Metropole, Gruson).

(for practical details of access, see below at the bottom of the page)

For several months, Emmanuelle Blanc has been working on the presence of water in the mining territory, which is now embodied in the form of a photographic installation. A hanging that is above all an experience for the viewer. At the edge of the Bois d’Infière, on the route of the Boucle de la Marque, images float in the trees. They call out to us and ask us to take the time to stop and read them.

Through this work, Emmanuelle Blanc raises essential ecological questions about the relationships we have with our environments, intimate or shared, and the way we perceive and transform them.

This installation is accompanied by a soundtrack that allows us to learn more about the genesis of the project and its context of realization.

To go further:

► Emmanuelle Blanc’s residency

► Emmanuelle Blanc’s website

A big thank you to the partners who helped us in the implementation of this project:

– Eric Leleu for La Musette,

– Sandrine Belland and Gilles Briand for the Mission Bassin Minier,

– Francis Meilliez, president of the Geological Society of the North,

– Thierry Oudoire and Judith Pargamin for the Museum of Natural History of Lille,

– Amy Benadiba and her team for the Historical Mining Center of Lewarde,

– Claire Bonnet and Véronique Skorupinski for the Collectif Les Saprophytes,

– Béatrice Auxent of the CAUE du Nord,

– Constance Bienaimé of the MESHS of Lille,

– Nicolas Tachet and Pierre Thibaut from the Inventory Service of the Hauts-de-France region,

– Emilie Allender from 9-9 bis,

– Hélène Marcoz and Denis Delbaere for the ENSAPL (National School of Architecture and Landscape of Lille),

– The artist-photographer Eric Flogny,

– The artist-sculptor Gauthier Mentré,

– Etienne Fortin, Yannick Mas, Claude Gillon, David Nieuwjaer, and the formidable arborists-climbers Arnaud & Arthur for the service Nature, agriculture and environment of the MEL,

– Jean-Marc Vantournhoudt, photographer and president of the CRP/,

– Nell Turzynski and Ninon Duhamel for lille3000

This project was realized as part of UTOPIA, 6th edition of the cultural season lille3000 in the Hauts-de-France region and of the thematic proposal made by the committee of territorial experts of photography in the Hauts-de-France region: the CRP/ Centre régional de la photographie Hauts-de-France (Douchy-les-Mines), the Institut pour la photographie (Lille), Destin sensible (Mons-en-Barœul), Château Coquelle (Dunkerque)


Practical details & Access

Bois d’Infière

Chemin du Marais

59152 Gruson


Access by car, possibility of parking (black square on the map below) from the rue du Maréchal Leclerc, at the entrance of the Chemin du Marais, then pedestrian or bicycle access. Accessible also to people with reduced mobility.