Visits and workshops

Visits and workshops
Visits and workshops

Active visits to exhibitions (for groups only)

It is possible for groups to reserve a guided tour of the exhibitions. If interested, please contact the person in charge of mediation specifying:
– the desired date,
– the age of the participants,
– the size of the group.

Please note: Due to the layout of the CRP / gallery, and for the comfort of all visitors, we are not able to accommodate groups of more than 30 people.

Practical information
Visits are entirely free of charge.
Groups are welcome at the CRP/ from Tuesday – Friday / 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm
Visits last between 30 min and 1 h, depending on the age of the participants and the wishes of the group leader.


+33 (0)3 27 43 57 97

Photography and contemporary image initiation workshops

The workshops are held at the end of a visit to the current exhibition.

They offer a playful and practical approach to the themes explored by the exhibitions, and more broadly look at the role of photographs and other images today. The CRP/ offers to types of workshop:

workshops dedicated to images:
these enable participants to understand the construction of an image, its status, its narrative implications and its “meaning” by bringing it into dialogue with other images.

practical photography workshops for beginners:
these aim to give participants the chance to put into practice notions addressed during the visit (framing, managing light, point of view…), through the manipulation of a digital camera or even a pinhole camera.

Practical information

– CRP/ workshops are free of charge and the required material is also made available by the art centre at no charge.

– Workshops are offered Tuesday to Friday: 9pm – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm
– Workshops last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the age of the participants and the wishes of the group leader.

Partnership projects

Partnership projects
Partnership projects

Do you have an idea for a project on images and photography, but you don’t know where to start?
The CRP/ can help you develop and implement it by providing advice and placing various resources at your disposal: photographic materials, documentation, educational tools…
For your information, here are some of the programmes that projects jointly developed with the CRP/ can enter into:
– EROAs [Space for Encounters with Works of Art]
– The “Ateliers artistiques” [“Art Workshops”],
– The “Lire la ville” project [“Read the Town”]
– Local art education plans and contracts: CLEA (Local Art Education Contract), ARTS (Artist meeting … school territory),
For more information, please visit the website of the DAAC (Délégation Académique aux Arts et à la Culture).


+33 (0)3 27 43 56 69

Image education

Image education
Image education


The CRP/ also places a set of resources at your disposal.
During each exhibition the CRP/ team produces teaching pack to help you prepare for your visit. This also enables you to continue the work with a group, exploring the exhibition’s major themes.


+33 (0)3 27 43 57 97

RdV eXploreXpo

Every time a new exhibition is presented within its walls, the le CRP/ has the pleasure of inviting you to a RdV eXploreXpo, which takes place on the first Wednesday after the exhibitions opens to the public, from 1pm to 5pm.

What is it?
The eXploreXpo gives you the chance to meet the CRP’s visitor relations team. At this event, they are on hand to introduce you to the art centre, the current exhibition and the visitor education resources, and to have a friendly discussion about any projects you may wish to develop in partnership with the CRP.

Who is it for?
eXploreXpo events are open to anyone who is managing a group and wishes to prepare for their visit to the CRP/.

To find out the date of the next RdV eXploreXpo, visit the calendar page.


+33 (0)3 27 43 56 69

Educational tools

The Lewis Carroll Schoolbag

The Lewis Carroll Schoolbag was conceived and developed in collaboration with artist Rémi Guerrin.
Playful and educational, this tool makes it possible to better understand the origins of photography and experiment with old processes like pinhole photography or even cyanotype printing.

Documentation center

The CRP/ houses a documentation center specialising in the field of photography and contemporary images, from their origins to today. Boasting 8000 references, this collection is made up of artist monographs, exhibition catalogues, artist books and portfolios, magazines and dictionaries.

This document collection is an exceptional resource for education and the development of a more informed perspective. It is for researchers and students, as well as for teachers who would like to prepare an activity for their class on image interpretation or the history of art and photography.

Books can only be viewed on site. However, borrowing is possible in the context of formal educational projects. When borrowing works from the art library or when working on a photographic project with an artist, the CRP/ team can offer you a selection of books to inform the work being done. All you need to do is book an appointment.

Practical information
The documentation center is accessible all year round by appointment, including during school holidays and exhibition setup periods.


+33 (0)3 27 43 56 50


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