Robin Lopvet / Mytho (Liar)

September 30, 2023 07 January 2024

According to Robin Lopvet, photography can only be considered through its own transformation. For this young artist from the Vosges, a prodigy of digital retouching, the mutant image increases his powers tenfold and opens up a free world whose limits he alone determines. Animals, friends and entourage, situations, Robin Lopvet invents his own language to describe a parallel reality populated by creatures sometimes frightening and sometimes hallucinating. He invites us and insidiously questions us on the powers and the duplicity of the image in a system governed by the Internet and by the infinite possibilities of creation and diffusion offered by the digital. Behind the lightness of a collective delirium or the virality of a hijacked dog picture, it is the most serious issues of our society based on the image and its flows that this exhibition raises with these photographic detour.

Born in 1990 in the Vosges, Robin Lopvet is a multimedia visual artist. Professional retoucher for the fashion industry, he develops a personal work using the same tools. His artistic research is anchored in a logic of economy of recovery. DJ, he co-manages the label Club Late Music. He lives and works between Arles, Paris and Internet.

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