Evangelia Kranioti / Les Feux d'Ulysse

March 12 29 May 2016

The sea is a fabulous factory of images and legends. From the Odyssey to the novels of Joseph Conrad and Blaise Cendrars, it has stimulated the imagination of artists. Inspired by the myths of her native Greece, with her mounted camera Evangelia Kranioti opens a new page in the mythology of travel by probing the intimacy of those modern heroes of the sea and, through them, the complexity of love’s feelings and desires.
For her solo exhibition at the CRP/, Evangelia Kranioti presented two series of photographs from the projects Mediterranea and Erotica, exotica, Etc. Two videos are also being presented in the second gallery, taken from the project Erotica, Exotica, Etc., which is also a feature-length film released in 2015.
The images presented in « Les Feux d’Ulysse » (Ulysses’s Lights) are the result of years of contact with Greek sailors in ports around the world. Over long distances, following their wanderings, she listened to their stories and created portrait of them, and of the women at the heart of their stories. It is all about their complex, ambivalent relationships, about desire and impossible loves, about seeking and losing oneself in other places and other people.