Geof Oppenheimer, The political economy of bodies AKA The Night Staff

09 March 26 May 2019

The CRP/ is inviting American artist Geof Oppenheimer to present a new exhibition project in its gallery. This exhibition is part of a broader series of on-site and off-site projects that the CRP/ will be developing in the spring, exploring the theme of art’s relationship with economic and work forces.

Trained as a sculptor, Oppenheimer works across multiple mediums including stage set video productions and photography. His practice takes up questions of civic value, the ways in which political and social structures are encoded in images and objects and how meaning is formed in the modern world.  For his project at The CRP/, he will be producing a body of work that takes up issues of community, labor and work in the modern economy. The economy in which we currently live is often characterized as post-industrial, where the labor of the body has been replaces by that of the mind and the algorithm.  Through his work, the artist tries to understand the place of the body and the public under these conditions. How can people be an intellectual resource, just as much as it is a material producer or consumer. In northern France, with its history of labor solidarity and government engagement, changes in the economy and the relation of labor to the economic life of a region make this project especially relevant to the area. He will present a new sculpture, Money Decades alongside a suite of images entitled The Therapy of Groups. The Therapy of Groups asks questions concerning the conditionality of social relations. It is a highly abstracted representation of the ways in which people support, attack, and console one another. The project was made with dancers from the Hubbard Street Dance Company in Chicago.  The resulting images are held conditionally with magnets upon metal screens.

Geof Oppenheimer, born in Washington DC and lives and works in Chicago. He is a professor at the University of Chicago.