Clarisse Hahn / Nature, Jungle, Paradise

March 17 27 May 2018

Clarisse Hahn’s solo exhibition Nature, Jungle, Paradis presents new works alongside older series that constituted the foundations of her research, as well as vernacular images from the CRP/ archives. It offers a plunge into the multifarious and challenging oeuvre of this artist whose works include video, film, photography and installation.

By exploring the foundational narratives and myths of the state of nature, the artist pursues her project to establish a true living archaeology of modernity, and continues her reflection on body language, on what the gestures and poses frozen in images say about our societies. From the migrant crisis to convicted boys, from mine workers to exotic populations or the bodies of pre-Nazi athletes, what Clarisse Hahn constructs is a fresco of humanity in search of a lost paradise.

The demystification she offers implies laying bare one’s own projections and fantasies, leading the viewer to wonder about human nature. Thus the artist breaches images to bring out the truth of reality.


Opening on March 17 / 12:30 pm