Chemin de fer / Guest curator: Thibaut de Ruyter

June 17 13 August 2017

An exhibition of books and photographs.

For its summer exhibition dedicated to its collection, the CRP/ is inviting critic and curator Thibaut de Ruyter to come and explore the richness of the works that the art center has been conserving for over 30 years. He will create an exhibition revolving around the publications and photography books conserved in the archives of the CRP/, connecting them with a selection of works by invited artists. The exhibition will demonstrate the importance of books and publishing in the field of photography, and will reveal how artists are currently using them. Because at a time when the internet has become an inexhaustible mine of images of every kind, photographers continue to print and to produce bound objects, probably out of nostalgia to some degree, but also for the fetishism of beautiful objects, for the pleasure of touching, the joy of possessing and collecting.

Exhibition partners: Filigranes Editions, MACK, Phaidon, Roma Publications, ESÄ Tourcoing – Dunkerque, L’ESA le 75, Bruxelles, CRLL Nord-Pas de Calais

With the support of Goethe-Institut Lille.