14 September 24 November 2019

The CRP/ guests the Brazilian artistic collective BijaRi to lead a participative and collaborative project with the inhabitants of the city of Douchy-les-mines, taking an interest in the urban dynamic, the conditions of mobility and the traffic between different parts of the city.

During the residency they did in spring 2019, the BijaRi proposed different ordinary activities (such as reading, playing, cooking, talking) on the Place des Nations in front of the art center opened to anyone who wanted to come, during an entire week.

Parallel to that investigation, the group have been photographing and analyzing the facades of the local residential architecture in which the imprint of consecutive renewals, subtly reveals the shifting relation between public and private specters.

The exhibition at the CRP/ will present the productions of the collective, realized with the inhabitants during their work residency.

Different forms will be investigated: posters, installations, videos, photographs and murals that will give birth to some projects in and out-the-wall of the CRP/.

The different elements that will compose the exhibition will recall this experience and this research under the light of ideas such as (im)permanence, (dis)placement and memory.

The group BijaRi is an artistic, designer and architect collective that met in 1997 when they all were studying at the architect and urbanism school of the university of Sao Paulo. The group works on an overview between the artistic practice, the urban design and the politic action through some projects situated at the junction between the art, spatial critic and the urban life.