Anna Malagrida / Ce qui demeure (What remains)

March 04 11 June 2023

The CRP/ proposes a new exhibition by Anna Malagrida, a major figure in French photography, of Spanish origin. Throughout her career, Anna Malagrida has never stopped questioning the origin and permanence of things, on both sides of the border. Through a series of video and photographic pieces, the artist deploys a resolutely visual work based on observation. Anna Malagrida records the image in order to feel and experience the landscapes she is confronted with. Whether they are urban, mineral or vegetal, she restores their significance and sometimes even the power of certain places that she crosses and that question her. By summoning the drawing, she prolongs by the gesture the experience of a dive in the wild nature of a beech wood of the volcanic zone of Garrotxa in Catalonia. This piece will dialogue with a creation specially conceived for the CRP/: a photographic composition of a fictitious chain of slag heaps in the Bassin Minier. In large format, Anna Malagrida understands the world by systematically returning it to its primitive character: a metaphorical dawn, ancestral rituals, or the sound of the sun.