Un Regard aventureux [An Adventurous View] /

Jean Marquis

35 EUR

As a photographer, Jean Marquis is representative of the intellectual and artistic approaches of the period of expansion in France. At the same time, he was able to assert a personal aesthetic that was manifested in the inventiveness and fluidity of his style. […] The modernity of Jean Marquis’s relationship with light was confirmed by other aspects of his work. […] His handling of portraits and scenes of life – the population working, celebrating or protesting – testifies to the concerns of the time but also shows a very personal exploration of the connection between ethics and aesthetics. Jean Marquis was able to develop a new way of staging human solidarity.” (Pierre Devin)

Text: Christophe Berthoud, foreword Pierre Devin
23.5 x 25 cm, 140 pages, hardcover, black & white
French edition
ISBN: 2-904538-69-0
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