Transmanche 9 / Ronde de nuit [Nightwatch]

Lewis Baltz

15 EUR

To Lewis Baltz, the near “invisibility” or at least the banality of the most sophisticated visible objects from the world of high technology offers a chance to create fiction that can reveal the field of realities. In this work, there is plenty of material for exploring the scope and and limitations of photographic information—at the heart of his oeuvre—and for questioning the medium. High technology is a decisive fact of our environment; while it reveals the technical ability of human beings, it also raises questions about their capacity for wisdom. Since innovations are speeding up, most people do not have time to consider their purpose, understand them or master them.

Texte Olivier Boissière
24 pages, couleur, 15 x 30 cm
Edition français - anglais
1992, ISBN : 2-904538-28-4
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