Transmanche 7 / Canal du Nord


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In 1992 Europe, the development of the “single market” included the establishment of new transport networks: the TGV, the Channel Tunnel, EuroCities.
Navigable trade routes with their centuries-long structure are now being set aside. The old system of exchanges and meetings, based on conviviality and a strong understanding of time and space, is being replaced by new systems in which the crucial criteria is speed and the eyes have no time to rest on any one thing. Examining—perhaps for the last time—a lifestyle whose aesthetic was made sacred by Simenon and Jean Vigo, Dityvon slowly drifts towards an empty world in which the landscape rests in its eternal peace. Skillfully combining the wisdom of the pose with unbridled gestures, Dityvon newly consecrates one of photography’s strengths: holding on to life one last time in the imminence of its disappearance.

Année 1991