Transmanche 23 / Capitale Europe, Portraits de personnalités européennes [Europe Capital: Portraits of European Personalities]

Christian Courrèges

22 EUR

From its very beginnings, the Cross Channel Photographic Mission endeavored to capture transformations linked to the construction of European networks. However, it must be said that the power presiding over all of those decisions is often opaque.

Furthermore, beyond institutions, politics seems no longer to represent the single reality of power. Economics, which presides over globalization, is increasingly decisive. Christian Courrèges created portraits of political personalities (sometimes in opposition to the established liberal model), senior civil servants, economic, industrial and union leaders, as well as operators who symbolize unification.


23 x 30 cm, 59 pages, noir et blanc
Edition français - anglais
Année 1998, ISBN 2-904538-59-3
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