Transmanche 12 / Frontière franco-belge [The France-Belgium Border]

Olivo Barbieri

22 EUR

At a time when customs barriers are disappearing, it seemed interesting to examine that very artificial border between France and Belgium, which is not based on any natural element like a river or mountain…

The solicitation of Olivo Barbieri to work on a similarly contradictory reality was no accident. It is an appeal to the subtlety and distance of this artist, but also to his personal investment, for a space on the fringes of Catholicism and the Latin world.

Of all of this confusion, Olivo Barbieri offers us complex, even Machiavellian images in which levels of interpretation intersect, rebound and echo one another.

23 x 30 cm, 32 pages, couleurs
Edition français - anglais - italien
Année 1993, ISBN 2 904 538 37 2
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