Transmanche 11 / Fortresse Europe

Tim Brennan

22 EUR

Tim Brennan, a young British visual artist who was doing a residency in Béthune during the Gulf War in 1991, appropriated an image found in the archives of London’s Imperial War Museum: a column of British soldiers on the Pas-de-Calais front in 1917. Influenced by the thought of Paul Virilio, he reflected on relations between images, power and war, on how to subvert and re-appropriate them by shattering them into multiple elements, this photograph apparently having been taken by a military operator, traces of war left in the collective memory or hallucinatory visions of industrial war’s impact on nature and the world.


23 x 30 cm, noir & blanc
Edition français - anglais
Année 1992, ISBN 2 904 538 32 1
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