My Beautiful /

John Berger, Marc Trivier

23 EUR

Here the question of beauty is tackled in the interlacing of photographic and written approaches. Jean Marquis produced portraits of Giacometti in his studio, Mark Trivier photographed Giacometti’s sculptures. John Berger, following his reflection, particularly that on his distance from Borges, Francis Bacon and Nicolas de Staël, sees this book as the pursuit of a realm of experience where the sharing of knowledge is also a meeting, where that to which everyone attests is not a state of being, but a shared movement of becoming, where the imprint everyone leaves behind is not that of a forward march, but of a tension.

Text: John Berger
17 x 24 cm, bound, 64 pages, black & white duotone
Bilingual French and English edition
ISBN: 2-904538-77-1
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