Méandres d'Escaut [Twists and Turns of Escaut] /

Michel Kempf, Thomas Nicq

34 EUR

Méandres d’Escaut explores a unique garden where natural beauty meets the technosphere. On the footpath followed by four creators—writers and photographers—spanning the length of the Escaut canal, imagination mixes with topographic samples of the area, in the silence of sensory moments. What is shown here is a cross between a crime story and a road movie; what is offered humorously threatens and browbeats common, sometimes enchanting places where space substitutes for a mental world.

Text: Roger Facon, Michèle Vilet, foreword Thomas Nicq
23.5 x 25 cm, 88 pages, hardcover, black & white
French edition
ISBN: 978-2-904538-84-1