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Luce Choules

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The concept of landscape as a witness of human passage lies at the heart of my practice. Through photographic recording, I aim to produce works that create new identities for these shared spaces, which have been both changed and mediatized by human activity. The places I cross or visit are usually fairly well marked – long-distance cycle paths that take backroads, registered hiking trails, pilgrimage routes, climbs of listed steep rocks, summits or glaciers, or visits to historical sites in or near villages, towns and cities. I am interested in the details and totality of these built and natural landscapes, using my photography to take an inventory of a place’s intrinsic characteristics and those that have been imposed on it.” (Luce Choules)

Text: Luce Choules
Open 95 x 127 cm, closed 24 x 25.5 cm, map, 1 page, black & white, color
Bilingual French and English edition
ISBN: 978-1-907296-00-0