Agriculture je t’aime ! [Agriculture I Love You!]

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Agriculture has always been an important area of activity in the history of European integration. The CRP/ Nord Pas-de-Calais has joined the present initiative to enrich perceptions and perspectives on this age-old human activity, which is currently undergoing drastic changes.
[…] Our selection of original works by authors from many geographic and artistic backgrounds is the opposite of an illustrative inventory. We hope it will provide the pleasure of discovery and stimulate a profound questioning of the relationship between people and land at the scale of our continent.

Text: José Muñoz, Manfred Willmann, Wojciech Prazmowski, Mariaalba Russo, foreword by Jean-Paul Hébrard, Matthew Foster, Frank Garnier, Jean-Paul de Wispelaere, Bernard Layre, Luc Tuyau, Pierre Devin
23.5 x 23 cm, 64 pages, three-color and CMYK
French edition
2005, ISBN: 2-904538-80-1
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