08/June 2019

Opening : "Inédit(s)" in the CRP/ collection", Béatrice Andrieux guest curator

For its summer exhibition dedicated to its collection, the CRP/ is inviting curator Beatrice Andrieux to come and explore the richness of the works that the art center has been conserving for over 30 years. She chose to focus on the unpublished works, produced by the CRP / but never exhibited at the art center

Artists :
Robert Bourdeau, Frédéric Cornu, Aris Georgiou, Marc Gibert, Anthony Haughey, Christian Meynen, Louise Oligny, Mary-Ann Parkinson, Philippe Timmerman.

The opening will be on Saturday, June 8 at 12:30am in the presence of the curator and artists.


Free entry 


08/June 2019