Flux, une société en mouvement

April 04 09 August 2020

The CRP/ is presenting a preview of works by five of the fifteen artists who have been awarded the national photographic commission Flux, une société en mouvement [Flow, a Society in Motion] launched in 2018 by the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap) in partnership with the Ministry of Culture.

Alongside Diaphane, the photographic center in Picardie, the CRP/ has been supporting this national commission project, which will be presented in full at Photaumnales in the autumn of 2020 in Beauvais.

Exchanges, data, information, migration, work, finance or movement: flows stream and structure our societies, our lives, and our bodies. From modernity (flow) to the rejection of contemporary transformations (counter-flow), the artists awarded the commission have taken possession of the theme and interpreted it freely in connection with their research and their diverse photographic styles.

At the CRP/, the works of the five presented artists – Nicolas Floc’h, Eric Guglielmi, Ilanit Illouz, Florence Paradeis and Mathieu Farcy & Perrine Le Querrec – will reflect environmental and social concerns that economic flows have lastingly shaken up at the global level.

Their works, presenting different approaches to the image, will invite visitors to circulate in wooded, subterranean or underwater landscapes, and to become aware of the influence that flows have on our everyday lives.

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